Making the Impossible, Possible: Building a Culture of Creative Thinking

3:00 PM, Monday 1 Apr 2019 (1 hour)
Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza - Mayflower 1 & 2 (LL)
Whether we truly aspire to be “innovators,” we are jaded by the buzzword “innovation,” or the risk of failure is just too great, there are cultural barriers that often make innovation feel implausible in our work. There is a new movement in education to foster the possibility of truly creative thinking, which HUC–JIR is incorporating into our Jewish educational work. This session will introduce you to several strategies for fostering cultures of collaboration and creative thinking—the bedrock of a healthy kehillah and learning community. Beyond the innovation buzz, we will explore a toolbox culled from the latest research in affective neuroscience and organizational psychology, classic educational philosophies of caring, and creative producers like Pixar Studios and the Daily Show, all presented through the lens of Jewish sensibilities.
National Director, School of Education