How to Disagree Constructively: The Beit Midrash Way

1:45 PM, Monday 1 Apr 2019 (1 hour)

Civil discourse between political divides is turning less and less civil. Indeed, the sheer lack of desire to try to understand those with opposing political opinions (or political identities) and disagree constructively over critical questions is posing an existential threat to democracies around the world. Chavrutot are at the core of the traditional Beit Midrash, critically studying mahloket, conflicting opinions, found on every page of classic Jewish texts. The roots of the Beit Midrash culture explicated by a classic Rabbinic text that tells how Moses received a Torah full of ambiguities that needed to be interpreted in contradictory ways. Uncover the complex meaning of that midrash, and learn about a new educational resource that can be used in your own congregation or community as a five-part adult education series.

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies