CCAR Staff at Convention

Steven A. Fox, Chief Executive

Hara E. Person, Chief Strategy Officer & Publisher, CCAR Press

Cindy G. Enger, Director of Rabbinic Placement

Laurie Pinho, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Betsy Torop, Director of Rabbinic Engagement and Growth

Daniel Medwin, Digital Media Manager

Sonja K. Pilz, Editor, CCAR Press

Aliza Orent, Manager of Programming

Rex Perlmeter, LMSW, CCAR Special Advisor for Member Care and Wellness

Debbie Smilow, CCAR Press Operations Manager

Ortal Bensky, CCAR Press Marketing and Sales Manager

Sasha Smith, Editorial Assistant

Carly Linden, Communications Manager

Rosemarie Cisluysis, Executive Assistant to Steven A. Fox

Dale Panoff, Convention Liaison

Alan Henkin, Special Consultant, Placement Director Emeritus

Emma Dubin, Development Coordinator